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How can you align your IT investments with your business objectives? Many companies are considering Managed Services as a solution to accomplish this and reduce costs at the same time.

We’ve discovered that there are several critical challenges that need to be managed to outsource successfully:

  • Managed Services often requires complete organizational change for IT
  • Many times, Managed Services expectations are out-of-line with the organization’s readiness
  • The pervasiveness of technology throughout the business makes managed services difficult
  • IT is required to formalize historically organic processes and relationships, which can lead to an overall loss of flexibility of IT operations
  • IT organizations are dynamic and have ever-changing requirements making long-term planning of managed services difficult
  • Definition of IT success should evolve to include fiscal and supply considerations

The most common question your organization faces is how and what to outsource; and whether or not managed services solution is an effective way to reduce IT costs in order to meet your business goals.

Myanmar Inspirations' Managed Services Strategy Solution can help you answer these questions and face these challenges. At the core of this solution are our Managed Services Strategy services, designed to help you assess and define managed services options from decision through operation.

Our Managed Services Strategy include:

  • Sourcing strategy development and readiness assessment
  • Managed Services program office:vendor selection, contract review and negotiation
  • Development of managed services a roadmap, including business case, risks and ROI analysis
  • Determination of the most effective form of managed services
  • Transition planning: Service level agreements, contract negotiations, program management, vendor management, and communications planning
  • Retained organization design

If you would like to find out how our Managed Services Strategy can help you align your IT investments with your business objectives, Letís talk!