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Introduction to our End Users Training Programme

Our extensive portfolio of courses has been expanded to accommodate the continuing improvements in Information Technology, noticeably in the areas of multimedia and design, and on the technical front, Novell and Lotus, where certification is now offered. You will also see certification tracks for Windows Server 2003.

Desktop Applications
If you are seeking to become more productive in the office, then look no further than our comprehensive list of courses for end users. These cover all of the most popular desktop applications including Office 97, 2000 and XP, at both the proficient and expert levels. Our best practice learning model ensures that small groups of delegates achieve their individual learning goals and objectives.

We are noticing an increasing demand for a blend of applications, so please remember that if you would like to mix and match sections from different courses and levels, or if you want to add your own specific content to a course, your account manager would be glad to put you in touch with a training professional to discuss your unique requirements.

Fast Track
An increasing proportion of the people we train have had some previous experience in using desktop software applications. From school leavers and graduates, to experienced office professionals, many people have used a personal computer at some point in their lives. Fast Track courses therefore, are designed with this audience of people in mind. These courses are also suitable for anyone who is upgrading to a later version of a program, or making the transition from one software suite of programmes to another.