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Your Own Special Course

Mix and Match (Modules)
Working with you we can tailor length, content and emphasis of any learning programme. Within this brochure we have over 140 programmes, all of which are written in two-hour modules which allow you the flexibility to mix and match the content to meet your current learning requirements.

We will invest our time free of charge to fully understand your company culture and objectives identifying and matching core skills to ensure success.

Our goal is to enhance business results through the improved performance of individuals and the development and implementation of appropriate organisational processes.

One-to-one (Coaching)
Personal one-to-one coaching is ideal for anyone who is short on time and requires intensive, targeted coaching. During these sessions specific applications can be worked on so that real value can be achieved in a short amount of time.

You can decide to have a one-off session or a series of sessions over a period of time, giving you the choice to mix and match core learning programmes and/or individual sessions.

Find your perfect match! (People)
We have over 20 trainers with a range of expertise. Due to their diversity, we are able to meet all needs by ensuring the trainer chosen is perfect for your programme.

If you are attending an Adobe Photoshop Course, your trainer may have been a graphic designer: if you are attending a management programme, your trainer will have worked in senior management.

All our trainers follow the Myanmar Inspirations' learning model, and their performance is measured internally, to ensure you always receive the best.

Training needs analysis is an essential first step in any development programme in order to achieve the greatest improvement in performance and best value from your investment in training and staff development.

We can help you identify and assess your competencies in terms of personal effectiveness, managing communications, managing people, effective directorship and corporate culture, and we can develop the most suitable approach for a particular individual or the whole organisation

We can provide a variety of TNA solutions from competency based development centres to individual consultation or we can use one of many psychometric testing tools including 180° and 360°.

To discuss the most suitable Training Needs Analysis or 180° and 360° testing tools contact our Educational Consultants on +95-1-652-321.